Monday, July 13, 2009

City Do a Barca

Moments after signing Carlos Tevez for 25m, Man City make a 20m pound bid for Emanuel Adebayor.

This begs the question: are City trying to create the squad to run god's perfect formation--the oft referenced but rarely used 1-1-8?  City's possible formation: 




                 Ireland        Elano
Robinho                                    Petrov
   Tevez         Adebayor         Bellamy
                     Santa Cruz

Look familiar?  That's because it bears a FRIGHTENING resemblance to Barcelona 07-08:




               Iniesta        Bojan
    Dos Santos                Ronaldinho
Messi          Gudjohnsen           Henry

City's is a slight variation--they'll be playing 4 TRUE strikers, plus Robinho while Barca supplemented 2 true strikers (one playing out of position on the left wing) with 2 creative players (one who used to be the best in the world, one who was on his way to becoming the best in the world) and Eidur Gudjohnsen.

What I'm trying to say is that Sheik Mansour is actually Frank Rijkaard.

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stowe said...

It should also totally be noted that my favorite City player could slide into Adebayor's spot in the 1-1-8 if their attempts to sign the Arsenal player fail.

Who am I talking about, you ask?

Oh, that's right--BENJANI.